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Will Anti-TNF’s Remain The Drug Of Choice For Ulcerative Colitis (UC) And Crohn’s Disease?

As gut-selective biologics, small molecules with reduced toxicity and the interaction of the microbiome with the immune system gain momentum, the next generation of IBD therapeutics could be just around the corner.

Beyond exciting pharmacology and safety profiles, this influx of R&D into clinical trials has created a hypercompetitive market for patient recruitment and put a spotlight on successful adaptive clinical trial designs.

Bringing together leading pharma with pioneering biotech and academia, GIIDS will pre-competitively assess the potential and reality of next generation therapeutics in IBD and GI inflammatory diseases.


Attend this focused, discussion orientated forum to:


Hear case-studies showcasing the safety and efficacy of antigen-specific, microbiome based, anti-inflammatory and small molecule candidates to better align your own research with the pace and direction of the rest of the field


Understand the latest advancements in molecular profiling, precision medicine and pharmacodynamic biomarkers to better demonstrate efficacy in the clinic


Equip yourself with strategies to optimize clinical trial success in a hypercompetitive patient recruitment landscape to more efficiently translate success through the clinic